How To Prepare Your Email For Veeva, We Call It “Email Zipping”

The pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries use Veeva, which is a CRM application developed on the Salesforce program. Please note that they’re a guide in a cloud-based platform for worldwide sciences commerce. Veeva’s primary job is to support pharma organizations oversee sales, regulate activities, and track health industry policies and principles. 

Veeva CRM consists of an info configuration, operation logic, and personalized user communication to reinforce the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. It also takes advantage of the typical Salesforce features like configuration, tracking metrics, and support efficiency. 

The most impressive thing about this cloud-based software is that they’re terrific to pay attention to implementing a straightforward idea well. 

What Is Veeva?

In simple words, Veeva is a CRM solution that integrates crucial concepts such as trades reports, account profiles, commitment records, and power channels. You can plan more effectively when you have all the services on a single platform. By having vital indicators, it’s easier to achieve goals and fulfill the customer’s needs. 

Some of the best features about Veeva are adaptability and scalability. Marketers can create powerful marketing or sales campaigns as they can be tested, allowing users to measure results. 

Veeva’s vendor gives three upgrades every year free of charge. Please note that it’s easier to integrate pre-built apps with the software, and mobile browsers are also suitable. 

Veeva’s Key Characteristics

Here are some of Veeva’s critical features. 

  • Tracking reports
  • Endless personalize applications
  • Page blueprint
  • Preconfigured integrations
  • Process automation
  • Tailor-made control panel
  • Profiles analysis
  • Unification through web service API
  • Flexibility
  • Adjustability
  • Complete personalizations
  • Tailor app expansion
  • Multichannel
  • Role authorizations
  • Business zone control
  • Data history

Veeva’s Pros

There are many benefits of Veeva CRM as it allows users to manage content effectively. Besides, it’s beginner-friendly, and it’s possible to test and sneak peek content. 

With Veeva CRM, you can quickly design content and deliver it across several channels. It provides intelligent information letting users make updated decisions. Its direct panel support users to find original solutions and insights. 

One of the main benefits of Veeva is that it’s easy to correct configurations and security parameters. Without investing a lot of money, user can scale their marketing campaign. Besides, with Veeva, you can test and revise before the content is spread to several funnels. 

Now that you know why it’s imperative to include Veeva as part of your marketing tools, let’s explain how to “email zip” your message. 

Email Zipping

Follow these steps to prepare your email for Veeva.

  1. Using our custom email developer agency’s field-tested templates helps you reallocate your time to business-critical tasks.
  2. Once the client approves the email, the request is sent to us to prepare the email for Veeva. 
  3. The developers take the latest code which we had worked on and start with the zipping process. 
  4. The images are locally saved in the separate zip folder, which is linked to the HTML email.
  5. The track ID for the links is generated and updated in the email. 
  6. The zip file has been created containing the email and images within it. 
  7. Then we prepare the email to be uploaded on Veeva and fill all the required fields.
  8. The HTML email templates file is uploaded first, followed by the Assets [images] folder in the Assets section. 
  9. Initially, the email is in draft mode, and we will have to change it into Staging mode.
  10. It will take some time for the email to reflect on Iconnect once the email is in Staging mode.
  11. Once the email is recalled, we can test the email by sending it to our account and check if everything is working correctly.
  12. We will then deliver the email for client review.
  13. If there are any changes required, we will have to work on the final changes before going live. 
  14. Once the email is approved, the status on Veeva is set to approve.
  15. Now the email is ready for final delivery.

Veeva is the ultimate tool to engage with customers effectively. It’s specifically designed to support pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical products, contract sales enterprises, and contract research companies. VEEVA can incorporate the created email templates free into your ESP (email service provider) and guarantee that they render flawlessly on all platforms and mobile clients.