How to design your first email in FIGMA?

FIGMA HTML email template-Read on to know how to design your first email in FIGMA for beginners and the elements that make your email design a success so readers sit up and take notice

An Introduction to FIGMA Designing your first-ever email is always an exciting process. Add FIGMA into this mix and you are sure to kickstart your campaign on the right foot!  Why? FIGMA is one of the most desired and popular tools taking the UI/UX design world by storm these days. This powerful design tool helpsRead More

Explore MJML Framework

Mjml Framework - Explore and Build a Powerful Landing Page In Minutes! Get started building beautiful websites, landing pages, and apps using mjml components today! It’s easy to use, fast, and powerful.

There are no two ways about it — Email is the wisest way to create an impression on and engage with your users. But, because of this, it’s also important to ensure your email stands out from the rest of the emails that fill up your audience’s inbox!  Here also lies the quest. After all,Read More

Darkmode Guide for Email Template

Dark Mode Guide for Email Template - Curious about how to design dark mode for email templates? This article will guide you step by step through the full coding process of creating dark mode and discuss the pros and cons.

Dark Mode Email Design Guide Speaking of email templates, they are very easily modifiable. Whether the email is opened on a smartphone, tablet, or computer, it will look fantastic, perform well, and be simple for the recipient to read thanks to a responsive email template that automatically adjusts to any screen size. Even if youRead More

How to Test Custom Email on Email on Acid

Email testing can be tricky but it’s the first step to a successful email campaign. It’s important to get it right. You also need email testing tools to ensure your email is presented in the right way. Read on to know how to test custom email on email on acid!

Email testing can be a double edged sword. Picture this: You’ve polished up your email content, whether it is a free email template, or not, and everything is all set, but that’s only the first step on the road to a successful email campaign. You almost always need an email testing tool that makes itRead More