5 Top Emails To Send In Your Pharma Campaign

If you’re a pharma marketer, you know that email is the perfect tool to sell, boost your brand’s awareness, and communicate with customers. It all depends on the types of emails you’re designing and sending, and how clearly the agenda to clients for that.

A template known as a “Responsive Email Template” is one that is made to display a website correctly across a wide range of devices. And platforms including desktop computers, mobile phones, and tablets.

Many people have the wrong idea that email marketing is only about increasing sales revenue. However, subscribers get tired of pharma companies sending only emails with offers.

As part of your email strategy, it is vital to keep clients interested by sending different emails.

Email marketing is the perfect balance between messages that sell and those that inform and provoke interest in the product. Your primary job is to enhance the customer experience.

The purpose of responsive email templates is to enhance the subscriber experience, and the statistics support this claim. 

Mainly, there are five different types of email for the pharma industry.

Types Of Email We Developed For A Top Pharma Company

1. 1:1 Email

1:1 emails are shared with customers before or after they have received an account manager visit. Post-call 1:1s should be sent to customers on the day of the visit through iConnect.

This type of email has one of the highest open rates of the marketing strategy, so it is crucial to take advantage of the increased interest and introduce the brand to new subscribers.

In this message, it is essential to talk about the brand, leading characteristics, and goals to your readers. We recommend providing them with a how-to guide to using the product, and you can even offer to book an appointment with the manager for more information.

2. Events Email

Event emails provide invitees with all the compelling details of an event. Event emails are sent through our client’s preferred marketing automation platform, Eloqua. This enables us to build powerful multi-step campaigns pre-and post-event and ensures campaign metrics are effectively captured.

Remember that an effective event mail must stand out in your reader’s inboxes. Here are four elements and event mail must-have:

  • Subject: should be explanatory, unique, and short for the reader to open the email.
  • Sender: don’t forget to write down the event’s organizer’s name. Make sure it is a well-known source to avoid being sent to spam.
  • Headline and body: it is a wise idea to keep it short and place vital information about the event: location, date, where to get tickets, duration, etc.
  • Call To Action: close the message by prompting the reader to take action.

3. Post Event Email

Post Events email is an opportunity to say thank you to the customers who attended the event. It also allows the customer to download slides and presentations from the event to assist them in their reflective practice and provide further information.

This type of email is ideal for asking for feedback. You can build a quick questionnaire and consider giving a discount to those who fill it out. Remember, we all have room for improvement. The use of email templates free can reduce stress and lessen work-related burdens while also improving productivity.

4. Medical Email

Medical emails are intended to keep healthcare professionals up-to-date with a rapidly changing clinical practice.

5. Newsletter Email

Pharma marketers can use newsletters to communicate multiple topics in a news or article format, providing the recipient with numerous Calls to Action.

Ninety percent of healthcare professionals prefer to be informed via email, while 10% favor social media.

Newsletter emails support you with:

  • Update customers of pharma industry news
  • Enhance brand’s awareness
  • Establish a deeper connection with customers
  • Send out valuable content.
  • Boost brand and products recognition

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